If you thought that Haute Couture has lost the sparkle then you probably didn´t hear about Chines designer Guo Pei. With a bold and opulent approach to the fashion and Haute Couture, Guo Pei makes the most glamorous and adoration worthy collections. Nothing less was with her latest Autumn/Winter 2017 Couture Collection impeccable tailoring skills and a sense for extra outstanding high fashion solutions, this collection was the pure festivity of Couture and on the traces of good old times of Haute Couture when collections were bursting with luxurious and pompous (in a good way) ensembles.

The glam effects were on the scene hidden in the exclusive textures crossed with luxurious and refined embroideries or with high shiny fabrics. The volume is something Guo Pei adores and loves. With opulent features in the gowns which were formed in two versions; the more stiff one and airy but heavy layers of chiffon. in the voluminous side of the design is where Guo Pei fuels her inspiration.

The snow white gown which was on the opening of the show with puffy sheer sleeves, the vibrant blue crinoline alike dress with baroque-ess arabesques, the all black gown star-dusted with golden embellishments, the silky way gown made of numerous ruffles, the sleek gold perfection of dress with interesting pointy details on the decollete, or the red gorgeousness which just undertoned the Guo Pei design signature. This collection was the true festival of glorious Haute Couture ensuring us that Haute Couture still lives, simply stunning and beautiful!

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