Fashion house by Chanel often uses the aesthetic from Gabrielle Chanel as the infinite inspiration. With a modern and contemporary approach to the tradition of what Chanel stands for, Karl Lagerfeld has maintained the Chanel to be the IT brand not just for their more mature but for new, younger generation of fashion consumers. The same design story we can say about the latest Autumn/Winter 2017 Couture Collection.

The artistic approach to all for what Chanel stands for was the main creative strive. The very archaic looks, almost like they were taken from the Mademoiselle Chanel´s time. The little hats, strongly accentuated eyes, the tweed game which in this case was presented in its clean, or more robust kind of way. The robust vibes were on the silhouettes too. With stiff and almost sculpture alike structures of the jackets and coats, with the same sculpted approach on the sleeves, this Haute Couture collection was once again the fresh edition of the famous Chanel design.

But the true couture vibes were on the dresses. Usually, in couture collections, Lagerfeld offers the light and more simple in the form cocktail dresses, but this time he went all couture, with long structured and opulent gowns with so voluminous down parts and roughly ruffled bold elements around the neckline and decollete. The mysterious and old school sensations were on the all black ensembles. The dresses with modern ball gowns interpretations showed once again how Chanel successfully nourishes the basics from which the Chanel was known for, but boldly steps into the new visual excitements, even in the concept of Haute Couture! Stunning and simply gorgeous! Gabrielle would love it, for sure!

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