The ultimate imperative for the most stunning "belle" Haute Couture has been the name of Giambattista Valli. With ruffles and chiffon layers overload which has been the trademark of Valli´s aesthetic, this fashion house makes the most stunning couture with huge wearable accents. The same vibes could be seen at the latest Autumn/Winter 2017 Couture Collection. With feminine and rich silhouette, ensembles brought in wide colors´ spectrum, once again Giambattista Valli has created the ultimate couture collection ready to be shown on the red carpets.

Valli likes bright colors brought in the monochrome style. So there were lots of bright yellows, powdery pinks, and deep lavender items. The chiffon texture asked the layered realizations of the gowns, which were shown in the more sleek forms or on the other hand, rich voluminous and ball alike. The lightness of the collection was not just in the feathery light textures but in the ballet slippers worn by the models, showing the ultimate motto and inspiration by Valli for this collection.

Spectacular were the black gowns. With the hint of darker and deeper dramatic, alluring to us maybe the "Black Swan" couture theme, they were the most opulent and star-struck gorgeous. Especially the ones with white layers peeking underneath. With tutu alike dresses along with glamorously falling back long capes, these ensembles were astonishing and simply beautiful! This whole collection was the treat for each fashion fan, no doubt that!

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