Picturesque and purely vivid! With these words, we can describe the latest Dolce & Gabbana - Alta Moda Autumn/Winter 2017 Couture Collection. When we mention Dolce & Gabbana we talk about style opulence, ironic and playful approach to the design, but more importantly the unconventional approach to traditional focuses of their style inspirations.

The same style characteristics were presented at the latest Haute Couture show. With not so many displayed ensembles, but adoration-worthy, Dolce & Gabbana went for nothing or all when they were creating this collection. With the vibrant mix of pop-culture, the tradition of their famous trademark the Sicilian heritage and the stunning design conglomerates of vintage and new. The gowns were bigger than ever, with down part boosted with enormous crinolines. The "wow" effects were on the peak with luxurious headpieces made of flowers or the totally big ones from feather alike textures.

Nothing in this collection was boring! Even the prints´ overload on the dresses as well as the other ensembles were in totally gorgeously crazy fuzz. The obvious oxymoron nature of this collection was made of the pieces combined with by athleisure inspired pieces. The midi tracksuit trousers paired with the ultra romantic chiffon blouse and pointy pumps, now that was one of many highlights of this show! Dolce & Gabbana love Couture! They have broken the known tailoring authorities making the most amazing pieces of high fashion and that is the most beautiful thing when we talk about fashion a.k.a Haute Couture!

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