Back to the roots! With this words, the latest Elie Saab Autumn/Winter 2017 Couture collection could be described. With fine embroidery and delicate fabrics, once again Elie Saab caught the pure and gentle side of Haute Couture. If you want to enjoy in divine nature of high, couture fashion, then Elie Saab and this particular collection could probably be the reason to fall in love in Haute Couture again.

One thing that is so outstandingly common in Elie Saab´ collections are the colors. Not just that, but the fact that the fashion of Saab offers amazingly gorgeous cut gowns and features them in the most dazzling and gorgeous colors. In this case, particularly we talk about gentle nudes or simply black with golden embroideries, moonlight-y blue, simply red in the all monochrome ensembles, lavender blue embellished with silver knitted details or dusty white in the final of the show, in the form of a much-anticipated wedding gown.

The silhouette was very feminine with light and flowy forms. Elie Saab creates the Haute Couture that simply invites you to wear it. With chiffon and lace as the main textures, Elie Saab always makes dresses that are breathtaking in their realizations, glamorous and richly ornamented but with a huge dose of refined elegance. This collection confirms what Elie Saab couture really is; the pure celebration of woman and her beauty in amazing classic couture design!

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