Haute couture takes the inspirations and influences in visual aspect and design from all over the world! Each part of the world can be featured in haute couture persepctive and story, undertoning the heterogenic cultural vibes. So, there is no exception when we talk about haute couture inspired by Russia. Russia is an amazing land of romantic novels, cold siberian steppes and hot, spicy souls. All of this and more can be seen in high end fashion inspired by Russia.

Bitter sweet decadence in form of heavy silky textures and materials boosted with vivid and colorful prints and ornaments is the one of main characteristics when it comes to visual inspiration of Russia. Maybe because most of the year Russia is hidden under the white snowy capes, it is needy for colorful and vibrant shades. That is why there are lots of red, green, yellow, blue..

If we add bold and sculpted silhouettes of gowns which have very monumental "babushka" appearence or gold-ish ornamented appliques displayed in version of military jackets, we get the ultimate glamour effect with a channelling ethnic twsit. Not to mention very opulent and monochrome gowns in perfect Anna Karenina style which visualy dashing the famous "Slavic pain" and famous grey romanticism! The scale of russian theme is wide and has very different kind of aesthetic approach. It is feminine with silent savageness and tomboy flare to it!

As you can see haute couture never misses it! It always wins in astonishing style sense! Even playing with risky and edgy it can pull out any inspirational story to fashion evergreen without launching any bullet from its arsenal; only the pure visual festivity with most amazing micro-cultural preferences!

Do you like this haute couture?

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Georgia! xo

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