Tuesday, 12 July 2016


Hello my gorgeous people! I am so exciting that fashion week was on so I can treat myself and you, I sincerelly hope, with new impressions and photos from couture haute runways. Today I will say something about Dolce & Gabbana, their show which was held few days ago. If you want to know what I have to say in general about their couture please visit spleendecouture.blogspot.com and you can read one of my past posts about it.

As you know D&G are well known italian fashion duo. And they celebrate Italy and italian culture and nativity in every collection and this was no exception either. A festivity of colors, textures, forms; the runway was vibrating in vitality of visual expression, just like Italy is pictoresque too.

What is common highlight in D&G expression is adoration of The Madonna  (I don´t mean the singer, LOL), so the big crowns were featured in this runway show too. Their voluminosity is in the range of symbolic presentation of aureola, so religious aspect is very good incorporated in this whole couture story.

Talking about catholic religion as an inspiration, we can see another features that are in the same range, big and opulent capes which give a reminiscence on The Pope. They come in rich, golden embroidery so they channel perfectly that catholic religion vibe.

The gorgeous dresses were part of this runway too. I have to admit I was blown aways by their diversity, in thematic sense; we had very simple, with sleek and elegant silhouettes ensembles, the blouse and wavy skirts in perfect couture simbioze, or big and opulent ensembles which gave the collection a little baroque decadence.

Oh, speaking of decadence, everything was decadently brilliant in this show. The bold mix of patterns and prints, already mentioned golden boost, finest embroidery in floral forms, all of that made this runway show typicaly "dolce" celebrating the aesthetic of italian " la vita"!

Hair and make up were glamorous too. Sleek hair formed in low bun, on the faces gorgeously dark or vibrant red, or nude lips. With drama on the lippies, eyes were accentuated with soft eyeliner game.

This collection was the epiphany in visual sense of Dolce & Gabbana couture signature. If you love overload in couture but in elegant way you will like this collection!

What do you think about this couture display?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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