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There is a common idea that haute couture is reserved for saloons, museums or red carpets. It is really rare thing to see it in everyday life. But like everything in life, especially when talking about fashion, it can inspire your outfits and make it a little more playful and witty. Haute couture in everyday life; I know this sounds like a big oxymoron but if you take an inspiration from couture you will have extravagant and elegant look, no doubt that!

Of course we all know haute couture ensembles are very expensive. Even Hollywood stars can´t afford them, to be honset! That´s why they rent them and at the same time they promote the designer which gown they wear, so you have win-win situation. We all, who are that (un)lucky not to be famous A-celebrities and don´t have opportunity to pose on the red carpets, we can be star of our own street walk if we take an inspiration from couture looks. So here are few of suggestions!

1.) There is no better way to get dramatic couture vibe if you wear voluminous dress with thousands of chiffon layers. You can combine it with ordinary t-shirt and you will have great everyday look instantly.

2.) You can reach for delicate and rich textures like silk, organza featured in form of elegant top. To low-down the combination wear your favorite jeans and stilletos and there you go, you have perfectly glamorous everyday look.

3.) The right color can be a perfect haute couture booster in everyday life. Choose vibrant yellow or deep blodded red and be the star of the dull day.

4.) If you don`t want to experiment too much, that´s ok! Go for a glamorous piece of jewellry; statement pieces like necklace or amazing earrings can give a couture taste to any outfit.

5.) If you are make up lover you can be haute couture goddess if you play with your make up look. A little drama on the eyes in form of bold eyeshadow with strong eyeliner game, and you are set to go and be an instant couture lady.

6.) For those who are more braver, hair can be a great way to channel your inner everyday couture queen. Unusual hair cut, chic but feminine at the right time, and you are a couture diva for sure. If you add  an extraordinary color that even better!

So as you can see we all can incorporate a little whisp of couture crisp! We just have to let ourselves to be inspired and have fun! Because fashion is all about that!

Please tell me, what do you think about getting inspired by haute couture in your everyday outfits? Do you like that idea and what are your suggestions on that topic?

Thank you for your attention!

Georgia! xo


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