Hi, my adorable fashionistas! We are glaming up here for sure! In today´s post I will tell a few impressions and thoughts about most influenced italian haute couture duo, Dolce&Gabbana. Of course their brand has innumerous features, like perfumes, beauty, ready to wear collections, but for me the focus is haute couture.

Their couture expression is very beautiful, drama overload in tons, lots of flowers prints, lace textures, bold and vibrant colorations on black background which give the creations amazing stand out. They like to incorporate ethnic details from their Sicilian origins, like already mentioned black laces, and fine silky embroidery in bold, vivid colors.

Gorgeously voluminous tulle skirts, featuring the tight corsets on top give the most glamorous silhouette, giving that very royal effect which is enhanced more by crowns on the models´ heads which is very known accessories´ detail in their visual expression. I am sure the reason for that is the fascinanting fact that in Dolce&Gabbanna every woman is a queen because they make you like that. They put so much effort in their couture design that is beyond any imagination.

They give us the aestheticly divine dresses and ensembles, creating every time the odesque to their background, reminiscing some past times of italian tradition. If you want to be notoriously glamorous, go for their amazingly, very over any conventional proportions, puffed gowns, line all that with bold tomato red lipstick, and Sicilian beauty is born. More dolce can´t get it, or?!

What do you think about Dolce&Gabbana haute couture? Do you like that "over the top" dramatic look or do you prefer more low-key couture design?

Thank you for your attention!

Georgia! xo

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