Hello, my gorgeous fashion people!! Hope you are doing well and that you are keeping up with the fashion weeks that are currently going on. Because of the fact that Milan Fashion Week is still on I decided for today´s post to say something about Versace haute couture.

The most sexy and glamorous haute couture ever is made by the house of Versace. They are always bringing the most feminine silhouettes creating the most divine bombshells of sexyness walking down the runways and not to forget all the celebrities´ army that are flaunting their design on the red carpets like JLo, Beyonce, Rita Ora, Lady Gaga…

Lots of deep cuts, in front or at the back, incorporated with very airy, silkymaterials giving a flattering wavy dresses that light moves vibe, all featured with tight and sleek upper parts creating via bustiers tops. The glamour effect never fails because the models are channeling the most stunning type of women, wearing long hair and bold dramatic make up. If you add on top of all that stand-out heels you have an ultimate glam-amazon  woman.

Many people say that Versace lost their "IT“ effect with Gianni´s lost, but to me Donatella is doing an amazing job. She understands and always presents a Versace woman which is brave, sexy, glamorous, fierceful, beautiful and strong. For me that is enough!

Versace loves, as I said, very light and not over the top couture, no dramatic cuts or strong, voluminous structures. For Versace a woman is the one who wears the dress not the opposite way so the lack of gowns which appear like sculptures around woman´s body is just a hymn to a natural feminine silhouette which is created by accentuated decolté and waist with long legs peeking through deep cutted skirt. Or to express myself in more visual way, they create that famous figureknown  as a sand-clock form. 

Do you like Versace couture? Is it enough high fashion for your taste or do you like more dramatic couturiers? Please tell me your thoughts, lets talk about fashion! I would be so happy to share opinions and impressions with you!

Thank you for your attention!

Georgia! xo

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