Hi, my fashion dolls! What a more appropriate way to talk about today´s post; it´s Valentine´s Day so I decided lets talk and admire a litttle bit to a Valentino haute couture! We all know that Valentino is remembered by most luxurious and gorgeous gowns, featuring his trade mark, that classic red Valentino color!

A woman that embodies these kind of couture is very elegant, sexy and has her own style accentuated through the ultimate feminine vibe which is an ultimate characteristic for Valentino couture.

Italian haute couture is known for it´s beautiflully wrapped sexappeal, sensual and elegant at the same time. This is what illuminates the Valentino house of couture.

A more darker, lwo-key and edgy twist it has got in last few years, when Mr. Valentino himself withdraw from the runway lights. It´s more laced up, with gorgeously stated embroidery features trying to successfully avoid that cliche of typically red Valentino state mark!

To me nothing has changed for worse in Valentino couture house! It creates divine couture gowns, with a romantic touch, very originally oriented but with that Valentino flattering woman´s body art! You gotta love Valentino!

What do you think about Valentino couture? Do you find it still more appealing or there are much more interesting couture expressions now?

Thank you for your time and attention!


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