Hi, my gorgeous fashion fans! For today´s post I was really excited because the word is about the "creme de la creme" of haute couture scene, the "enfant terrible" of fashion, eternal rebel and savage at the fashion scene, the one and only Jean Paul Gaultier! Oh, gosh, his work is so iconic, I don´t know how and from where he gets inspirations for the most quercy and sassy couture ensembles out there.

He likes to go very provacative, flirting in numerous times with religion giving it that sweet and innocent of course prophant touch because the limits of his imaginations are no existing so why be conventional and boring, when you can be playful and create the most gorgeous couture at the same time.

He likes drama over drama, big the biggest voluminous gowns that are really created for runways shows. He is known for his bustier opsessions (yes, that famous pointy one that Madonna wore on her tours a few decades ago) in which he loves to leash the models on the runways, parading wearing nothing just that particular feminine underwear inspired item. Oh, know I get where Beyonce and co. got idea of performing only in corsets and fishnet pantyhose!

He likes to give a hommages and to take inspirations from subcultures, movie stars, fallen celebrities, famous artists, painters...the source of his visual imput is tremendous! And because of that he is not just a designer he is a poly-culture phenomenon!

So as you can see, Jean Paul Gaultiere˙s style is an inspiration in every possible way. And to me that is the true epiphany of fashion and haute couture. Maybe we will never wear it but it can inspire us to give our style that sassy but glamourou twist, matching navy bold eyes´ make up and vibrant red lips, or wearing our favour bustier undernearth the white silky blouse...

What are your thoughts about Gaultuer and his couture? Do you like his "playful-not-to-serious" kind of attitude or you are fan of more low-key couture designs and expressions?

Thank you for your attention!

Georgia! xo

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