Hi, my wonderful fashionistas! Today´s post is going to be dedicated to a classic, "old school" couture house which is active in high fashion industry for decades and never falls from couture throne no matter what. The word is about Dior! We all know that this is the epiphany to the most outragously beautiful gowns that mesmerize the most exquisite designs and visual festivity of class and woman in general.

We are talking about elegant but glamorous all the way, dramatic but with the romanesque beauty to it, finding its way from the most inspirational sorces. A tons of chiffon, silk, extravagant and exquisite textures which are tha main form of the voluminously gorgeous gowns which are well fitted, sleek, tight in upper parts giving that perfect feminine silhouette vocating a past times of the most glamorous era in fashion.

All of that had got to another level thanks to John Galliano and his beyond any expactations visual excapades following that old, classy, Christian Dior twist, very toned down and serene when Raf Simons took over the designer position after. After he announced he is leaving the Dior all eyes are on next new art director which has to deal with tremendeously big expectations, trying not to fail. We are waiting for new visual festivity made by the house of Dior!

Tell me, please, what do you think about Dior couture? Which phase do you fancy more, the Galliano or Simons era?

Thank you for the attention!


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