Hi, fashion people! Everytime I search in my head theme for my next blog post I can´t really decide about which designer and couture to write because there are so many great, innumerous creators whose work I admire so much. For today I decided to say my impressions about Giambattista Valli couture. His work can often be seen at red carpets where A-list celebrities are wearing his gorgeous gowns.

What I personally love about his style and way of expression is his diversity. His creations come in so many different shapes and forms; sleek and simple elegance, or rich and colourful textures. He doesn´t affraid of taking risks, experimenting in every possible way giving us perfect visual festivity of glamour, femininity and class.

His gowns come in most vibrant colours you can imagine like canary yellow, or vibrant red, or tremendeously baby pink. And still he manage to offer and give the most specatuclar haute couture experience to one who is that lucky to wears them and us, who are just observers.

He doesn´t affraid of over sized ornaments features, like extra big ruffles, butterflies patched over the dresses as well over the models´ lips or eyes, synthetic feathers´ overload, flowers gently applicated all over the materials. And all of that leaves an impeccable impression of his art in all its glory. His diversity in expression is what makes him brilliant and that´s why I am so in love in his work.

Do you like Giambattista Valli´s style? What do you think about it?

Thank you for your attention!


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