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If you are a haute couture lover than you probably love and adore not just amazingly taylored gowns and other fashion A-level ensembles but you are also strucked by the make up featured on models´ faces at the runways! Now, that is like other story but perfectly incorporated in whole runway vision of designer. Make up weared on couture shows defenitely is not something that you will wear on a daily base, but to me is very inspiring and defenitely very interesting.

So, in this post I would say something about it! I think, when it comes to make up on haute couture shows, it can only be pulled out by the best nmake up artists or otherweise we could have total disaster or at least inspiration for carnival.:) Why is that so?!

Well, if you look up closely on faces at couture shows, you will see vibrant colors all the way, strong and bold eyeliner game, accentuated eyes and lips to the over-dramatic portions. The make up tools are wide and only sky is the limit when it comes to couture face-looks. Not only usual make up is used but it is featured by lace all over the face, feather on lashes, glitter on the lips and gold sablons on the eyebrows.

So you have double visual treat, not only in clothing sense but also on the models´ faces. To me is always fascinating the whole story behind make up and face ornaments when it comes to haute couture. As much I enjoy beautiful gowns I enjoy and fully dramatic and playful make up. Because that is the fashion in all it´s glory. And that is haute couture to me, festivity of inspiration, of impossible, of dareful creativity which has come to life.

What do you think about make up on haute couture shows? Is it important part of the whole visual fashion impostation or you prefer simple make up looks?

Thank you for your attention!


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