Hi, my beautiful fashion people! I decided to write another post, yay!!! I always liked Marchesa haute couture design! It is very sophisticated, aetheric but not affraid to stand out in details. I love their sculptured, strong silhouettes, wavy ruffles all the way and gorgeous select of colours.

When I observe haute caouture creations I always look at the details that are brought in very perfectly details. Although it looks like a playful visual apperiance, nothing in couture is by accident. That is why I love Marchesa. Their gowns are so detailed crafted that it´s taking my breath everytime I see them.

Feathers, fringes, countless silky materials and most finest embroidery you can imagine are defenitely the most important features of their couture. Very soft and gentle standout, celebrating the femininity in all it´s glory. Even their resort collections are very high fashionable, cocktail dresses presented in most vigil visualisation. If you want to be touched by a glamour and feel absolutely stunning you would wear their art pieces. That is why this brand is so popular among celebrities and their red carpets apperiances.

What do you think about Marchesa house of couture? Is it enough innovative to you or you prefer more avant-garde couture expressions?

Thank you for your attention!


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