Hi, fashion people! Today I want to say something about designer who is so long in fashion industry and never failed so far in his creative vibe and fashion expression. The word is about Giorgio Armani! He is famous for his clean cutted tayloring, simple but glamorous with accentuated italian chic. What I love about Armani´s couture, which is totally different from embroidery featured Elie Saab or other like I love to call them "belle couture" designers, is that his mode of couture expression is very ellegant, simple and crystal clear. When you decide to wear Armani´s piece, you are never fail to be a star of ultimate elegance.

When talking about clean and simple cutted  Armani couture, what caughts eye is the silhouette which is sleek and simple. What is stunning about this is that even in this kind of featured expression of style his couture is firework of glamour and ultimative "red carpet star" potential! The colouring of the materials is usually monochrome, compacted by two, or three the most, colors. Black is his ultimative expression colour, like red is for Valentin

A year ago, InStyle magazine asked on Twitter (@fashbliss is my profile name, if you like to stop by, thank you very much :) to post any question to Mr. Armani! I remembered asking him what is the most influential leading inspiration for him, and he answered that to him the guidance for his work is woman´s beauty. Simple as that! Well if anyone has ever captioned the ultimate female beauty in all her glory is probably Armani´s fashion. In his by simplicity boosted kind of way he reveals woman´s femininity in the best possible way!

What do you think about Giorgo Armani´s couture? Do you like his simplicity or do you fancy designers with more aestheticly richer couture expressions?

Thank you for your attention!


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