Hi, my gorgeous fashionistas! Hope you are doing well and not getting that january blues get you. To set our mind at some happy (read beautiful) stuff I decided to write another post for you. And it is dedicated to very aspiring couture label and name at couture scene. The word is about Ralf & Russo. They are known to be very young house of couture (in the year2007 they started to design) and it is only british designer duo that have their runway shows during the Paris haute couture fashion week.

What is so captivating about this designer˙s name is their wide spectre of design expression. They do so well in creating delicate, eteric gowns in soft and gentle colorations like beige, lavander or pink. But they are so well in bold and dramatic expressions, like very strong accentuated structural features in their ensembles, which bring a lot of voluminosity and sophistication in dark violet or blood red.

That wide range of art expression is first thing that caught my eye. Very fine embroidery, with petite ornaments stitched with mastered precision, silky textures in metallic colours, gowns gorgeously combined with cape alike coats..all of that make this couture duo to the most popular names in couture scene. Their talent recognized and queen Bey (Beyonce); they fitted her costumes for one of her tours.

I just enjoy in Ralf & Russo design. It is a true epiphany of what belle couture is all about. Just a glimpse at their gowns make my heart skip, so there is no better criteria for me, personally, to say that their design is magnificent and I can´t wait to see their new collections.

Please tells me, do you like Ralf & Russo design? What do you think about it?

Thank you for your attention!


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