Hi, my gorgeous fashion people!

So today I decided to say something about accessorizes. We all love them, they can pull out any missed combination into smash-hit. But I would like to talk about accessorizes in high fashion, in haute couture. Like in every aspect of this fashion art of expression, nothing is usual and casual. Accessorizes are treated in couture scene like a cherry on a top of the ice cream. They perfectly round up any couture story and visualisation. That´s why they come in so many unsual forms, over sized proportions lead by beautifully accentuated exaggeration.

In that case, we can see all over folded jewelry over the whole upper body parts functioning like the most divine blouse ever. Lots of fine stones, pearls and crystals falling down the naked body is very bold and innovative way to express couture design at its fines art.

Flowers are also one structural option but in this way like a hair ornament. it gives to couture a perfect and romantic drama touch, what fashion is all about. If it´s featured with gold fragments, like a crown, we have an ultimate runway queen.

Glass is often used like incorporative art of couture accessorize game. It comes in so many forms, like clutches, or quadraticly formed stilletos of high boots. This is surely very strong visual statement. So fragile but at the same time gorgeously rich in perception of the observer.

Fabriques are also known to be used for boosting up whole couture ensemble. And that often like covers over the faces. Silk, chiffon or any transparently light material is perfect. If there are featured by little jewelry applications in form of the finest diamonds, aesthetic effect is bigger. And that what couture is all about.

Of cours, these are only some of the examples how accessorizes are functioning in couture scene. There are tons of possibilities, only imagination is the limit! Like oversized jewelry or very sculpturally formed shoes.

Tell me, please, what do you think about accessorizes in haute couture? Do you like it , do you think it is necessary or high fashion is enough for itself?

Thank you for your attention!


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