Hello, my beautiful fashion fans! Hope you are doing well! I am so excited about today´s post because it is really a new name in these of mine blog posts gallery. The word is about young and talented Rami Kadi, haute couture designer who was born in USA and raised in Lebanon. I don´t know what fashion influences are flowing there in Lebanon because that Middle East state has given us so many great and fabulous couturiers. So I am very thankful for that!

Rami Kadi makes high fashion with ultra big glamor effect and incorporates the modern touch to it. He loves very big, voluminous dresses with sleek upper bustiers, ornamented with most finest golden embroidered features, or with tons of silky ruffles falling in controlling waves. His silhouette is stiff and very strongly accentuated, which undertones the glamour effect even more. He likes very sculpted forms in gowns, with very sharp and defined ends and edges.

It is obvious that his main skills is pure hands´ craftmanship, because his design is perfect even in smallest details, revealing that perfect eye for design and tayloring. I just love how someone so young (he is only 30 years old) has such a strong expression vibe, connecting East and West high fashion traditions and giving them the new, modern twist. I am so happy that I found out about this so talented designer. Can not wait for his new fashion adventures and collections to be exposed.

Please tell me, have you ever heard for Rami Kadi´s couture desigh? What do youthink about it?

Thank you for your attention!

Georgia! xo

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