Hello my dear fashion people! So today´s post is dedicated to the most quirkiest duo on the fashion scene. The word is about Dsquared. I really like their fashion sense, which are featured by very playful and sexy ensembles represented at the most insane fashion runways shows.

Their sense for fashion is really very glamorous but in a very casual way. I know it sounds very oxymoron alike but they love to have fun in their design, combinating all of it in very glamorous way.

They love to put a little visual a controversy in their pieces so it makes them even more interesting because in fashion scene the most important thing is to be recognized and Dsquared style is just like that.

They love sexyiness in all of their fashion forms, in very fierceful way. Their style „mojo“ is very seductive but not so serious . That is why their fashion sense is so amazing and I really like their runways shows, too. Deep cutted skirts with sleek silhouettes accentuate the perfect fashionista vibe. If you want to be a real show-stopper and have all eyes on you, you should defenitely wear this brand or get inspired by it. Because that is what makes style and fashion sense in general.

What do you think about Dsquared fashion design? Would you love to wear one of their pieces?

Thank you for your attention!

Georgia! xo

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