Hi, my fashion people! Hope you are doing well and enjoy first day of un-official Spring. My today´s post is all about Vera Wang. She is known for creating the most stunning wedding dresses and I think the only time a girl can feel by haute couture boosted is on her wedding day wearing gorgeous gown.

Vera Wang couture is very feminine and romantic. She steps out of known expectations in designing wedding dresses by creating them in different light colors like grey, pink, red or even goes a bit dramatic and gothic theme by designing them in black.

Either way, she always manages to give that fresh air to her desighn, avoiding typical cliche when is word about about wedding design. Her expressions are very original and sophisticated so every girl´s dream is to wear her gown on that big day in her life.

She always uses a gentle and fine materials like chiffon, silk or any airy alike texture avoiding heavy silhouettes and textures, giving the dress that perfect flow and fall around woman´s body. She is indeed the queen of creating most stunningly gorgeous wedding dresses.

What do you think about Vera Wang wedding dresse? Would you wear them, do you like tha fact that she loves to create them in wide spectrum of colours but still maintaining that "W" vibe?

Thank you for your attention!

Georgia! xo

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