Hello, my fashionistas!! Hope you are felling all right, lovely and radiant and that winter is over by you. Here snowed yesterday so my desire for colours and spring is utterly growing. As you know my ultimate passion is haute couture about which I write here, on my post. But my obsession and love is beauty, make up and all that shizzz that comes along. So today, desperately in need for colours in my life, I decided to write about make up trends for upcoming season, Spring/Summer 2016.

If you are fashion follower and you are all about trendy happenings in this field, you know that fashion weeks pret-a-porter are going on and that runways are full of beautiful make up inspirations. So, what will be IT this season is pastel colours not just on lips but on the eyes too. Of course if you decide to go pastel on the eyes you will go nude, or just lip balmy on the lips, because you don´t need to look like a sugar-coated candy.

For those who like to experiments, perfect for night out or special occasions are glittery dots on the lids featured by a nude lips too. It is a little tricky but hey, make up is all about fun and you need to get out from the box for a while. The liner game is still on, but giving that "unfinished" touch, just one line drawn over the lids with the rest eye going bare.

Red lipstick is still a big thing even in the Spring/Summer time. This time it is featured by very glossy, radiant and glowy skin, sleek back hair, the shade is vibrant, warm or can be berry shade too.

The hair is very natural, wavy, like sexy goddess bursting of femininity. For the past seasons hair is always needed to be healthy and with no harsh coloration, very natural, with "perfect frizz". I know this sounds like oxymoron but after hiding that gorgeous manes under the hats during cold winter days we need those waves to be free, right! The loose up french braid will be in again, so when the heat hits you can rock it looking very romantic and girly!!

Tell me do you like this Spring/Summer beauty inspirations? Is it new thing to you or you have seen it before, with no new surprises? Will you try to recreate some of these looks this season?

Thank you for your attention!

Georgia! xo

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