Hello my fashion friends! I decided to go on with my high fashion impressions. So today the word is about Prada. This is well known italian luxury brand which is never affraid to experiment with new looks and design combinations. To me the most innovative brand on the italian fashion scene is defenitely Prada.

Prada loves unconventional beauty of the woman. Loves to show other options to get that perfect visual stand out in the style sense. If you want to wear polychronic design looks, with original cuts and amazingly strange accessories than this is the brand for you.

Even when it comes to make up looks Prada always gives that "pushing the boundaries" effect giving matte skin with yellow tinted lips, or very dramatic looks with eyeliner playful game all the way.

If you want to be part of fashion avantgarde then you should defenitely get inspired by Prada runways´ looks. Always giving us something new, which is to be honest in fashion industry very hard these days, Prada is continuing to be the most outstanding design brand on the fashion scene.

How do you like Prada as a brand? Do you like it, or does it have a little to innovative style for your taste?

Thank you for your attention!

Georgia! xo

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