Hello my gorgeous fashionistas! Today I decided to take a step from haute couture and talk about legendary design house. The word is about Burberry!

Burberry is well known British brand which went famous with designing the one item, well known style statement piece, and that is the trench coat. At the beginnings of course this house was only famous for that special light brown piece of wardrobe which is must have during autumny rainy days.

But as the fashion world started to developing itself, that is how Burberry started to become more and more wide open in fashion sense. His trade marks are still trench coats but with modern and innovative twists. I really enjoy and get so excited when they put a runway shows because I can see how far they have come in their  design imagination, implementing in that well known item, more random looks which are very modern and innovative.

Not to forget that this design house had developed a wide spectrum of very quality make up collections which looks presented on the runways are dictating trends in beauty scene too.

I like the diversity of this brand. At the beginning only one wardrobe piece which has become a cult and must have in every fashionista ´s closet. Today we have a great amazngly composed collections which are dictating a new trends. That is what I adore when it comes to Burberry.

Please tell me, what do you think about Burberry  as a design house? Do you like it?

Thank you for your attention!

Georgia! xo

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