Hello my gorgeous fashion people! In today´s post I will tell my impressions of house of couture which was originally found in Spain, by Cristobal Balenciaga. At the very beginnings he was known for very glamorous elegancy with glamour twist forming the one of the most influential looks and couture vibes during the 1950-s. He was known as a Spanish Christian Dior but with very vibrant and passionate feeling for fashion.

So, what is very characteristic for Balenciaga is very opulence couture attitude, with lots of drama and visual superioriority. His tulles´ overloads on the gowns with very sleek and strong accentuated upper bustiers had that flamenco fire alike touch, giving the high couture a vivid and vibrant expression.

Balenciaga incoroprates very well the more casual cocktail dresses in his visual couturism, giving them a spectacular and glamorous effect by finest embroidery features or track suits bringing to a higher, edgier vibe by using fine, shiny leather materials creating the ultimate modern trade mark of today´s visual apperiance of the house.

He is a fine rebel, with classy heart. Always bringing something new, very controversy fashion editorials, or making an ultimate accessories´ statement piece in form of their Balenciaga bags. So many faces and facettes of this couture house makes it from very beginigs the pioneer of trendy and glamorous fashion statement.

Do you like Balenciaga and it´s couture, do you like it?

Thank you for your attention!

Georgia xo

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