There is always something very appealing when woman designs for women. The style with confidence and another kind of feminity, stronger and defined, are just a few of the style facts that we can say about female designers. The same thing we can say about Sonia Rykiel fashion. With very precise style coordinates and vision, the latest Spring/Summer 2017 Ready-To-Wear Collection was everything modern and style conscious woman needs.

First, we can talk about silhouettes. They were very opulent and fuelled with voluminous forms. This game of the form was the perfect move. With numerous volume on volume ensembles, it showed the style courage and originality! The hit were obviously the jackets with overloaded form. But the star of the collection were the dresses. In the same opulent mode, with light accentuated waist, the dresses were pure festivity of new and fresh elegance.

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Georgia! xo

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