Whether you like it or not, but we have to admit that the name Victoria Beckham has been slowly evolved into the high fashion mainstream. With simple and non-pretentious design Victoria Beckham label has grown into the desirable and prominent star on the fashion design sky. Of course, the design journey of Victoria wasn´t the same (sturdy and hard) in a conventional way, but it has been struck by the evolution in every positive way and sense. The same approach to style we can say about Victoria Beckham Spring/Summer 2018 Resort Collection.

With simple and minimalistic vibes, for which Victoria Beckham style has been known for and that not only in her collections but in her personal style too, this collection has made a huge improvement. Clean cuts without any surprises featured by light and gentle colors at first maybe could look not so exciting and in a visual way challenging. But Victoria Beckham has succeeded one thing that only professional designers can do, and that is the to make eternally classic pieces with a modern touch.

The classic elements were realized in the form of straight lined coats and dresses, with very luxurious knitted detailings on it. The modern touches, and here is the approvement fact huge, are in the shape of accessories. With bold pointy shoes or very futuristic/avant-garde bags, these pieces were the main thing what has given this collection the perfect style spin. This collection has made us, fashion fans, wanting more and waiting for the new, hopefully positive, movements in the label Victoria Beckham!

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