Do you remember paper dolls? They were very popular in the past and featured in child magazines. You would cut it and glue it on the thick carton paper and you will have a perfect paper doll. Also, the creations were able to be cut too so you could pin them on the doll and play dressings. This very inspiration was the main motto for the Moschino Spring/Summer 2017 Ready-To-Wear Collection. With intentionally two-dimensional patterns, Jeremy Scott once again has offered the playful, and that could be meant not just in symbolic but in for real case too!

What has caught the eye were haute couture alike gowns presented as 2D pieces. This ironic approach to the fashion, popular culture, in general, has already become a trademark for Moschino. But it was really a great way to see the intentional nihilistic approach to high fashion. The "superficial" vibes were even more accentuated by mesmerizing the cut pieces with blank pins. That is how the playgame of fashion here has got more depth sense.

Moschino loves to be showman of the fashion scene. By Moschino, there are not so many classic and simple items. They are full of playful twists, numerous visual craziness. But that is only at the first sight. Moschino philosophy of design is more complicated and heterogenic. It is the reflection of society and culture in the shape of the fashion, of clothing item. This collection was just the pure indicator of today´s society but with more aesthetic and vivid approach to it!

Do you like this collection?

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Georgia! xo

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