If someone doesn´t afraid of multi-coloristic features in the fashion design, then that is definitely Mary Katrantzou. In her Spring/Summer 2017 Resort Collection she showed how polychromatic game works and not just that. With a more complicated task to fill, texture wise, she showed her passion for knitting and how knitting can be playful and full of visual fun!

The colors are something that Mary Katrantzou adores to use. As much, the better! It is stunning to see how this multi-coloristic jungle at the end looks so beautiful and very catchy and original. With red and yellow as the leading points, not just on the fabrics but on the models´ hair, it has displayed the gorgeous side of fashion.

But the most ravishing were the knitted floral ornaments on the dresses. Causing the 3D effects it really brought the new face to the meaning of texture. Especially the ones which were displayed on the dresses made of chiffon! The climax of the collection were all floral suits. With their vibrant game, the conscious choice of the prints´ clash, they were the pure design eye catcher. Once again Mary Katrantzou has shown the beautiful side of fashion, full of vivid excitements and joys!

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Georgia! xo

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