A very heterogenic approach to style and design is definitely the common idea when we talk about Versace. Famous seductive note with huge feminine imperative has been the trademark lately of this Italian brand. With strong lines and cuts, with forms that accentuate the woman´s silhouette, Versace is still on the success strive to deliver the perfect collection each season.

The same thing we can say about latest Versace Spring/Summer 2018 Resort Collection. The must for the next Spring/Summer season if we ask Versace, are the mini-skirts with the loosed up form on the waists. Sharp and strong lines on the shoulders alluring on the more voluminous note are highlights of this collection. Not forget to mention the jeans jackets ornamented with floral embroidery or originally cut on the again, well you guess, shoulders.

Something that Versace knows so well is the vibrant prints. With this innovative side, Versace always throws on the market the must-have of the season. And if we look at this collection, modern tropical or vivid colored geometric shapes will be the IT textures of the next Summer. But Versace knows how to make sexy clothes, so this creative stride must be satisfied even in this collection serving us the see-through maxi dresses or sleek violet evening gowns, bringing the new seductive fresh note to this brand. And we, fashion fans, can not be happier about that!

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  1. I'm loving the dresses! So many good options!Thanks for sharing this summer fashion trends.

    1. Thank you for your nice comment! So glad you like it! Xo