If there is a minimalistic and purely clean approach to the fashion design, no one does it better than Jil Sander. This famous German designer has been known for her classy and modern style with non-spectacular (in a positive way) fashion solution. With the clean solution not just towards the design but visual side too, the coloristic range of Jil Sander´s style never goes outside black and white choices. But doesn´t effect the innovative and bold nature to her design.

The same thing could be seen in her latest Spring/Summer 2018 Resort Collection. With original cuts, simple minimalistic and monumental forms on the coats, baggy dresses, clean and geometric cuts´ clashings. All of that was presented in the form of simple editorial. The hints of feminine silhouette were undertoned in the accentuated waist via sleek or more corset alike belts.

With the black & white coloristic range, Jil Sander consciously offered us the pure and simple collection, full of innovative cuts and minimalistic lines. Having on a mind more windy Nordic alike summers that are a constant thing in Germany, this collection has featured amazing parkas and jackets. With opulent in design, these items were the star of this collection urging for women who know fashion and love to be different!

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