Karl Lagerfeld just knows a good Couture! This could be a credo or creative MOJO of the latest Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2018 Collection by Chanel. The ethereal and wispy dresses with the refined embellishments have made this collection the most stunning and beautiful. Like it was dedicated to the City Of Light, Paris it has presented the fashion epitome of the fairytale alike story.

Everything has started from the tweed. If anyone knows how to make this Chanel trademark material so exciting then that is Karl Lagerfeld. With each collection, whether Ready To Wear or Couture one, he just breaks down the already known pattern bringing the original design ideas. In this case, this collection has featured the more voluminous forms of the coat alike dresses. With high embroidered tweed mixed with the glamorous knittings, Chanel once again has shown the renewed story of this anthological fabric for the house of Chanel.

The lightness and illuminating touches were displayed in the form of midi dresses with the refined embellishments on them. Even here the classic Chanel aesthetic was on the scene, with the unpretentious chic and glamorous flirts. The sense of the spring and summer vibes were in the coloristic hints in the shades of vibrant pink as well as the peachy pink brought in the all-white crystal canvas. Either it was the flowery ones or simply the bow around the waist. This color was the highlight of the whole collection.

The fabulous Couture story by Chanel was continued by the "Alice In Wonderland" alike form and silhouette. With the lucid and quirky voluminous again form which has seemed to be the lately aesthetic obsession by Karl Lagerfeld, the collection has shown the wonderful display of the most dreamy and gorgeous dresses. All in the typically Chanel length, the midi one, and in the white color or the blushy creamy just like the one worn by the Lagerfeld´s new muse, Kaia Gerber, the epicenter, and the peak was at the very end with the wedding dress at the end. The Couture hybrid of the male tuxedo and female dress with the fringed sleeves and crinoline alike cape on the top, this ensemble was the perfect round up of this whole fashion story!

Chane has shown once again that Couture has so many facets and that it has taken a modern and contemporary direction. The traditional forms which are so usual for Haute Couture were in this collection mixed with the playful and romantic edginess what has given the new swing to this French house of fashion!

What do you think about this collection? What are your thoughts about the silhouettes and forms? Do you like the new Karl Lagerfeld´s fashion muse?

Thank you for your attention!

Georgia! xo

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