The first time is the hardest one, or maybe not! These words could be a motivational and a code of ready to dazzle for the new fashion designer at the head of the Givenchy. After Ricardo Tisci departure it was not easy to step into the glam & by celebrities adored fashion designer. And if that was not enough the imperative of Haute Couture Fashion Week was on the go so this Spring/Summer 2018 Couture Collection by Givenchy was probably the main and most important thing for Clare Waight Keller´ s career.

But seems that Clare Waight Keller has accepted the fashion challenge without any fear in the design sense. Contrary, she has managed the Haute Couture test with the outstanding impressions. I bet it was like taking the plunge in the cold sea. And Waight Keller has shown that she knows to make a good couture collection. With the plenty of classic interludes incorporated in the modern and twisted details, she has made the star-struck worthy collection full of admiration and in the high fashion refined and polished level for which Givenchy house has been known for.

The sheer elements which are hidden in the luxurious textures of lace brought in the multi-line layers, the structured details of the ruffles all the way to create the sleek but rich silhouette, the cool layering of the fringed dresses with the sharp-edged coat on the top, the sugar-coated stiffed all lace dress in the light grey, or the monochromatic structured in the origami way one in the sea blue with the shiny appliques. All of that was so versatile buts still in the typical Givenchy couture spirit.

The mixture of the structured and more fluid elements was on the sight in the gowns made of the silky materials combined with the stiffer upper parts. The highlights were again coat on the top of a gown in the latex kind of texture. This element has had the perfect spirit of edginess and Waight Keller design signature which was more than welcome! The next highlight was again the origami structured dress in the again light caramel color alluring the already mentioned latex drama but performed and manifested in the silky texture.

This collection was the big thing for Waight Keller and for Givenchy too! It has revitalized the Givenchy touch and couture style with the modern spin with the refined vision of the new chapter which is looking in the hands and fashion vision of Clare Waight Keller more than promising!

Do you like this collection? What do you think about the first Haute couture collection ever for Givenchy new designer Clare W. Keller?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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