Hello my gorgeous fashion people! In today´s post I decided to say few things about criterias I personally look in haute couture design. I am not fashion expert (I have master degree in literature) but I have my own personal things I look in couture. So I will share them to you! I think, although I am not an expert just fan and enthusiast who loves fashion, that my opinion matters at least to me. :)

1.) Good Tayloring
When we talk about haute couture the most important thing is "back to the basic"! By that I mean great, impecable tayloring is very important. Designer can have amazing imaginative ideas but if their realization is poor, than the final finish not so good. Don´t forget that the best couturier ever, Alexander McQueen had excellent taylor skills. And because of that he created the best couture pieces ever.

2.) Great Materials
The choice of textures of the couture ensembles is very important. Silk is not just oridinary silk, chiffon is not just ordinary chiffon. Designer has to have the eye for amazing materials in textures sense. And perfectly incorporate them in form which he desirees. For example, flowy dress with light silhouettes can not be made by heavy material such as velvet. Those are just few examples which can affect in final visual finish.

3.) Concrete Inspiration
There are so many collections which are inspired by so many different things such as historical point of view, exotic cultures, artistic flare influenced by theatar or ballet, or maybe pop culture. All of those ideas have to be perfectly incorporated in haute couture vision. If inspiration is on point than nothing can go wrong.

4.) Manifestation Of Colors
Haute couture is part of visual arts, so colors have very important input to it. It is that final part which defines the couture piece. If designer wants to have edgy and more serious and dark approach to his fashion creations, he will go for more colors that are in range of black, not vibrant at all. If he wants to create a joyful and very elegant ensembles with feminine touch, he will reach for more vivid colors like red, rose, green..the spectrum is very wide. All of that will make the perfect final touch.

5.) Wearable Or Not
To me personally haute couture is art and not all of couture ensembles, although they remain in fashion not art domain, they do not have to be wearable. In haute couture the word is about release that inner beast of designer imagination, making the most fantastic and outragious gowns. Who cares if the next time we see them are in museums like very expensive but "bow down" exponates. To me haute couture is place where fashion and pure art meet, in symbiotic and beautiful connection. And we don´t want to ruin that, right!

So those are my top five criterias that I look when I see haute couture collections. Do you have some criterias you look? What is the most beautiful thing that stunts you when is word about haute couture?

Thank you for you attention!

Georgia! xo

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