Hello my fashion people! As summer is knocking on the door I have decided in today´s post to say few impressions about summer inspirations in haute couture. Haute couture is perfect mode to channel the most elegant and romantic ensembles inspired by summer. And I think there is no better combination than high fashion expression incorporated in hot, vibrant summery whisp.

When talking about summer in haute couture we can see that the choice of materials and textures is very important. A flowy and airy flare is a must, so the light silky dresses are perfect incoropration of summer sense in haute couture.

When talking about appliques there are innumoerous details that can be showed at the materials; big flowery prints, or big and bigger drafts of butterflies, dots or finest embroidery..all of that is so delicate and gentle perfectly reminding us on the most beautiful summer nights.

Colorations are important too. No heavy and dark shades, just pastel and warm tones to set up the perfect round up or any haute couture summer gear. Any fashionista would enjoy in them. So that is why I am giving you some inspirations to "couturize" your summer outfits to bring haute couture in your life for best summer of your life!

What do you think about summer vibes in haute couture? Do you find them interesting? thank you for your attention!

Georgia! xo

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