Hi, my fashion friends! Today I want to give you some inspirations for spring and summer make up looks. Make up is really one thing where we can put our imagination in pure activation and create remarkable and cool looks.

Like for any look in hot weather, in this year´s season IN is very dewy and fresh skin, with less or no powder on. If you want a little bit of coverage (because real gilrls have no-perfect skin, and that is so ok!) you can choose light BB cream or toned cream. Just remember that they have high SPF, because sun can damage your skin, even if you are not sun-bathing.

When the skin is so clear and light, it is perfect canvas for different looks which can take so many great experiments, like bright eye-liner game (electric blue, shining yellow, or just fuchsia intensed). With that look remeber that lips stay nude or with light balsam hydrated. You can avoid blush and heavy contouring. You need just gorgeous skin and that amazingly fierce drama on the eyes.

Or if you are a lipstick addict ( like myself) and can´t go imagine your day without a lipstick on, you can wear it in coral, orange or bright red colors. Just remember to be as much vibrant as possible. Mat is very elegant option, but for night looks I would recommend a dot of gloss on them, just to make them more juicy and seductive.

If you like lashes accentuated looks, you can play with lashes´ extensions, especially on the lower lash, where dramatic look is guaranteed. Oh, and don´t forget that eyebrows are very important too! Just comb them and fill them with light pencil brow which is few shades lighter than your natural brows.

These are just some of my suggestions based on runways´ looks. You can create your own style, but feel free to be inspired by some of these looks. Because make up is all about fun and expressing yourself. Be bold and have great summer!

Which looks you prefer for spring and sumer? Do you change your make up routine depending on seasons?

Thank you for your attention!

Georgia! xo

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