Hello my fashion friends! In today´s post I will share some of my impressions about connection between haute couture and avantgarde. Avantgarde is known like a decade in culture and art history but we can reffer it also like a style indicator. When artistic expression is a head from it´s time then we can talk about avantgarde influences or tendecies.

Haute couture is perfect mode to experiment with avantgarde and all of what it presents. Because haute couture has very artistic vibe there are lots of space for experiments in that kind of direction. In that case haute couture looks more like an art piece, with more depth in visual sense, so many of these design we can for sure observe like an exponents in museum of art.

The imagination is only limit when talking about avantgarde influences in haute couture. To craft that kind of design you don´t need expensive materials, you can use plastic or metal for example, forming the most decadent but gorgeous ensembles.

For me personally this segment of haute couture is the most stunning way to design. When expression is so strong, a head from our time, making our fashion horizons even more wide and open, I can´t imagine anything more beautiful than that. So, haute couture avantgarde!! Just keep walking in unknown spaces of aesthetic fields making them glorious pieces of our time!

What do you think about avantgarde expression i9n haute couture? Do you like it or you like more wearable designs?

Thank you for your attention!

Georgia! xo

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