Hi, my dear fashion friends! In last few posts I am keeping discovering some new names from the haute couture scene. By that I mean that they are not so wide global popular like others but have amazing and interesting visual expression and couture design. In today´s post the word is about Italian designer, who manufactures in France, Maurizio Galante.

I am always so excited when I come across to me some new names on the couture scene, because I can see the endless imagination which is incorporated in haute couture craftsmanships. His work is very avant-garde, very futuristic and high artisticly accentuated. He likes strong, architecture alike silhouettes with wide range of bright and strong colors.

He likes to take inspirations from different cultures like japanese or tribal, giving them a modern twist. He also likes to accentuate the symbiotic connection between fashion and nature making ensembles very floral alike with tons of silky and gentle ruffles, or fragile but crystal clear like "dessert rose" a.k.a cactus.

His artistic vision is presented in make up of models too. Faces painted all over in vibrant colors, or minimalisticly in forms of lines across the face, making the models "couture warriors" and tribal brides.
His creativity is endless and for me personally a real discover in haute couture scene. His work reminds me why I am such a fan of haute couture; it is vivid and realistic impostation of our wildest dreams. And Maurizio Galante design is giving us excactly just that.

What do you think about Maurizio Galante´s haute couture? Do you like it and do you find it original?

Thank you for your attention!


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