Hello my gorgeous fashionistas! I am always trying to explore world of haute couture, finding new names in design sense, so today I will tell few of my impressions about french couturer Franck Sorbier. I think that french designers in general have very explicit and strong visual expressions. More dramatic and decadent, than the better.

That is the case of Franck Sorbier, too. His couture vision is very glamorous, very theatrical and opulent in so many ways. Of course, in haute couture, "less is more" doesn´t really work, but it is very important that in all of this expressions you have right measure and perfect touch of elegance.

That is the case of Franck Sorbier´s design. He likes very strong accentuated silhouettes, with sculpture senses, so his ensembles are breathtaking and have that pure drama vibes. He loves very bold and heavy features, even his textures of dresses are very grandious. I think that behind every strong visual incorporation in haute couture stands very brave designer, who doesn´t affraid to explore and experiment. And that perfect connection, of being self-confident and still amazingly manage to offer the best of couture experience is the best gift designer can give to his audience. And Franck Sorbier is just like that.

Becaues his visual and artistic expression is very theatrical, his runway shows are celebration of beautiful deacadence of haute couture. He gets inspirations from ballerinas, from theatar´s costumes which have that artistic aura which are amazingly fuelled in Sorbier´s aesthethic vision. More of this we can not ask.

What do you think about Franck Sorbier´s haute couture design? Do you like it or do you prefer more simple approach to couture?

Thank you for your attention!

Georgia! xo

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