Hello my beautiful fashion fans! Hope you are doing great! Welcome to my new post! Today I will say few words about haute couture which has been inspired by baroque. Baroque is cultural and style period in west culture worldwide, which is known for its decadency and opulent style, with boosted ornaments in every artistic field you can imagine from poetry, painting, sculpture, architecture. There for baroque has been a constant inspiration for haute couture of our time.

When talking about the couture inspired by baroque, you can see drama all the way, in visual sense, exaggerations in so many fields like form (very wide and strongly accentuated down part featured by inevitable bustiers a.k.a corsets in upper part), colors (gold, black, red), texture (very heavy materials giving the sense of rich opulence). It is the festivity of couture for sure, giving it the historical input interpreted in modern way.

So many great designers of our time has created this themed couture, from Alexander McQueen giving it the dark, introspective crisp celebrating the "savage beauty".. Elie Saab who is known for making the most beautiful haute couture ensembles featured in "belle couture" range, has designed in baroque inspired spirit too, making the most glorious wedding dresses with very heavy but gorgeously outstanding expressions in design sense. As you can see, the range of designers is wide and even today baroque is big source of inspiration.

Tell me what do you think about haute couture inspired by baroque? Do you like it or you prefer more simple couture expressions?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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