Hello my beautiful fashion people! Today I would like to get to the rootes, if I may say so. The first idea of this blog was to have an "hommage" to the haute couture, celebrating all the goods and amazing sides that this type of creative design offers us. Of course, I get a little digressions talking about high-street fashion and beauty. But in today´s post I will say why is haute couture important and why we need it.

Of course, many people ask, what´s the point of fashion which no one can wear (meaning by that the sizes are to small or the prices are astronomic big).. But I think it is very important to have this type of fashion expression because it brings the visual and estethical sensation to completely another and new level which can be an inspiration to any aspects of fashion expression.

Haute couture collections are field where designers can be themselves, unleash their imagination to unknown limits, giving back the most amazing pieces of design which we can be free to call pure art. And that is the main purpose and necessity of haute couture.

Of course, we all who are fashion lovers, we can be inspired by these gorgeous design dreams. Just a hint of chiffon in our evening dress, or corsets incorporated in all day clothing; in all of these things we are inspired by great haute couture. And that is the most important thing, right!

Tell me, what do you think about haute couture, do you like it, and do you think it is influential by any means in any aspects of style?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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