Thursday, 25 May 2017


Stella McCartney is known for her effortless elegant and stylisticly bold design. With anti-silhouettes, with original choice of materials and textures, as well as in the cuts, Stella McCartney always offers very inspiring and bold display of outfits. Nothing the less was the Stella McCartney Spring/Summer 2017 Resort Collection. with fluid and flowy forms with playful prints, it showed how witty and original summer style can be.

Long maxi-dresses with parkas on the top with cute animal prints like dogs and cats, as well nothing less cute polka dots prints on the dresses wow-ing the perfect summer outfits´ potential. Stunning and amazing style eye catchers were light and elegant laced dresses in white. With slightly see-through play-game, it has made the typical summer white dress more astonishing and in design sense purely perfect!

Oh, the stars of the collection were definitely all jeans ensembles. But here, in known jeans story, Stella McCartney takes a little twist; playing with form of the sleeves and trousers, accentuating the puffiness boost even  more. In the same form mode were suits in navy blue, with features white sttiches and buttons, they showed the modern re-interpretation of navy themed ensembes, usually so typical in summer outfits.

The collection couldn´t go with mini-jackets which became the statement trademark of Stela McCartney´s design. In camel color it was the perfect all around piece with huge combination potential. This collection was so Stella McCartney, very playful, bold, femine strong but with strong elegant accents!

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