Thursday, 18 May 2017


Sometimes fashion means fun and joy, exploring new types of style visions and just making something work good although at first sight it is impossible. By this mantra the fashion house Miu Miu has made tons and tons of amazing collections. Nothing the less was their Spring/Summer 2017 Resort Collection. With huge humoristic and sarcastic approach to always so (too) serious fashion it has established itself in design house with huge trendsetting potentials which were already became the trademark of Miu Miu.

In this collection the main item was pyjama, brought in funny and vivid editorial. With stunning textures like silk, saten or very bold choice in the form of  pvc alike materials, this collection has brough the Miu Miu eclecticism at its finest nature. If you add to all of these colorful ensembles accessories, like cute embellished mini bags, funny designed shoes in more like house shoes manner, you have the perfect multi-colored, multi-printed and multi-textured fashion story!

This collection has remembered us how important is for fashion to be bold, not to take itself serious. Because in this direction design freedom is hidden and the best realizations in that case are inevitable. Just like in this collection! It goes way beyond summer pyjama party! It is a pure fashion eyecandy, for sure!

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Georgia! xo

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  1. Great post.Love all the looks.Beautiful outfits in pyjama style.good collection of summer fashion.