With innovative swirls and new textures! These could be the words by which the Fendi Spring/Summer 2017 Resort Collection could be described. With printed witty game added original forms to prints´ design, it has offered the modern and playful side to the Spring/Summer wear. With huge feminine accents like midi dresses or skirts, lovely furry "stolas" by which just the little whisp pf decadence could be sensed; all of this was displayed in the form of interesting editorial.

The red and white combinations on the ensembles, with floral details or more graphic ones, or a combination of both in stunning prints´ clashings these outfits were the modern interpretation of traditional 50-ies old Hollywood silhouettes. In ruffled forms on the down parts, it evocated the contemporary vision of classic elegance.

The more Fendi alike were black ensembles, with see through parts in the middle with the more voluminous approach not just on the dresses but on the sleeves and shoulders´ parts too. The colors´ range went a little more heterogenic in the direction of the navy and cobalt blue. Alluring the visual richness of sea it offered the new interpretation of navy prints too.

The prints´ game was bold not just on the clothes but on the accessories too, with stripes on the shoes or polychrome game on the bags. This collection was in the perfect range of the new and fresh design with classical accents. The power was in the prints! They are the only imperative for this season!

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Georgia! xo

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