Monday, 15 May 2017


Resort collections are made to inspire and to aspire for new destinations not just in style but design sense too. With huge impacts of foreign and not so typical cultures resort collections offer to the fashion consumers a vivid and new hints of inspirations. Nothing the less in this sense was the Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2018 Resort Collection. With japanese theme not just on the runway but in the location of runway show´s inscenation (Kyoto, Japan) it gave the inspiring vision of the next annual spring/summer season.

The pure fact that it was located in Japan has reflected in the fashion design and style solutions in this collection. With more masculine and strong accentuated forms in the outfits´ ensembles and on the faces of the models too, it showed the other, more experimental and aestheticly brave side of Louis Vuitton. Of course the choice of japanese culture is very suitable for design innovations and experiments, which in this case have gone really great and amazingly!

Cute in three textured way cutted coats, shiny leather editions of rainy coats with furry collars appliques. When talking about fur, animal printed features were on the go too, elegant sweaters and batique alike printed dresses all of that was on the display. Glorious and star struck worthy were samurai inspired jackets with leather and metal embellishments. Not to forget the make-up´s game which has had astonishing allures of japanese culture; geisha alike strong eyeliner game but brought in modern context and concept.

This collection has invited us to be more brave and stylisticly ready to experiment. Standing in the already common Loius Vuitton lines it offered the perfect mixture of something new, not just in aesthetic sense but in visual sensation too. Lots of pieces which can be incorporated in already existing LV style but with edgy aspirations. Perfect collection for the next Spring/Summer season, no doubt!

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