If you are a regular follower and a fan of fashion then you know that the name of Alexander McQueen has always been a synonym for a fresh, new and unexpected fashion vision. Here I need to emphasize the word "vision" because McQueen is more than just fashion label. The Lee´s legacy is strong even today and it is perfectly incorporated in design by Sarah Burton. This by Lee´s spirit inspired style could be sensed in the latest Alexander McQueen Pre-Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection.

With concioussly dark and edgy approach of it, with serious design performances and realizations this collection remembered us, the fans of Alexander McQueen, of his design and his designer nature. Of course, Sarah Burton has made successfully her own vision of McQueen female; strong, authentic, mystic and for all very innovative. The innovation was hidden in the common highlight of the whole collection, wide belt which by its stiff nature has corresponded with mini corset. This detail brought a roughness and edgyness to the ensembels, no doubt.

With that on mind, the imperative of hourglass silhouette was a must which slided amazingly with leather features on the sleeves, glows and collars. But two ensembles were just breathtaking, the tedy bear jacket/dress with accentuated already mentioned details and in the same range made jacket a.k.a dress but in this case made of leather. The imaginative nature of this collection was like a breeze of fresh air evocating fashion consumers to enjoy in each piece from this collection! Very avant garde, very Lee!

Do you like this collection?

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Georgia! xo

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