Gucci has always been the epiphany for very refined and original style accentuated with design boldness and stands out. In the latest  Gucci Spring/Summer 2018 Resort Collection Gucci has shown more than usual aesthetics, bringing new inspirational wisps and traces of decadent and theatrical vibes. With design highlight of Renaissance but interpreted in the famous Gucci way, this collection has presented new and vivid face of this Italian fashion house.

The fact that the show was held in Florence, which has been known as not just the famous center of the west culture that we know today, but where the famous Gucci name was born and started the invasion of the design world. So the numerous reasons were there, and not just that! The style rush was on peak introducing us to the more playful and even more bolder face of Gucci.

The already mentioned Renaissance spirit was brought in the new perspective; it could be sensed in the opulent coats with texturized minimalism or on the other aspect, very bling-bling features. This design oxymoron could be seen not just on the coats, but on the ensembles which were almost on the haute couture border or on the other hand on the pure minimalistic side like the monochrome women suits or mom/boyfriend-jeans incorporated into this fashion eclecticism.

So the spirit of archaic "New Age" was pretty obvious on the dresses, in their silhouettes and forms as well as in the hair accessories. The spirit of modern "New Age" was there in the shape of printed tees alluring the Gucci to the more young fashion consumers. This collection was the pure festivity of fashion, of design! Gucci has announced with it (un)purposely the new era in its design horizons! We can not wait for the new chapters!

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