Hello my gorgeous fashion friends! Yay, first day of summer is here and I as a summer child is feeling excited and enjoying every day. Life is much more funny when we are appreciate small things, right! Ok, in today´s post I will talk about trends in haute couture. Can we talk about trends in general in haute couture, are there any influences by which couture designs are affected or can haute couture be observed like an eternal vintage story?!

As you can see, haute couture has so many features and forms. I have talked about it in my earlier posts. It can be very savage and avant guarde but it can also be very classic and by traditional elegance driven. There are so many influences which can be inspired in haute couture, from art, pop art, theatre, music, even flowers and nature in general, for example.The spectrum is very wide.

Regard by all of this mentioned above I can tell that there are not so many trends in haute couture. We can talk about materials, forms, realizations, craftmanships; are they made good or bad, with more or less success in visual sense. I think those are trends in haute couture. A couture ensemble can never go out of style. If you see first dresses made by Dior, by Christian Dior himself, you can see an eternal elegance and they would be amazingly good incoroprated in any modern haute couture story today.

Haute couture is like classic literature; it can never go old or out of fashion. This is the reason why we even nowadays loveand enjoy poetry by Baudelaire, novels by Proust or theatre plays by Shakespeare. And that is the most beautiful fact about haute couture.

What do you think about this topic? Do you think haute couture has trends or is it timeless?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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