Hello my fabulous fashion friends! As you can see by now, if you have read few of my posts, my obsession is haute couture in all its features. I like to analyse it and explore the limits of this amazing way of expression in fashion. In today´s post I will talk about differences between "savage" and "belle" couture. Both of these names are my own "inventions" when talking about haute couture.

The term "savage" was at first very known collection of Alexander McQueen and later it became the synonym for dark, decadent couture, with twisted edgyness and a very avant garde approach. The aesthethic of it could be poeticly called "shades of uglyness" interpreted in couture form. The textures and materials are unusual, without any romantic features, only heavy and opulent elements, with incoroprated materia(l) innovations like deconstructed pieces of metal, animals or any other non-fashionable item. With this composition the whole "savage" ensemble has original and vigilant vibe pushing the limits of fashion expecations in the amazingly unknown.

On the other side the term "belle" or beautiful is for all those gorgeous gowns with very elegant and romantic approach to it. The textures are enormously silky, lots of tulles and chiffons are in the game, giving that sugar coated signature but in tasty and profine way accentuating and celebrating gentle femininity. This kind of couture still has its own originality but in limited senses and that is perfectly ok. These ensembles can be seen on the red carpets and they are astonishingly divine. So "belle" couture can offer us so much in fashion sense.

So as a conclusion I can tell that there is a beautiful animosity between "savage" and "belle" couture. They both give us the privilege to enjoy in visual sensations of fashion.

Which couture do you like more, savage or belle?

Thank you for attention!

Georgia! xo

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